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What Is Drifting

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Sideways In Control With Style

Yes, what is drifting??? Drifting would be described by most people as going through a corner with your car sideways while keeping the throttle floored.

The sideways part is correct, but it takes a little more to explain what drifting really is all about. It’s not just flooring the throttle; it takes a delicate balance to “keep” the car sideways......

Tandem DriftingRacers use the term oversteer to refer to going sideways. This basically means steering too much. Or rather, even without the driver’s steering input, the car steers more than you would like to.

Usually if the car has a natural tendency to oversteer, when you steer the car either too hard or too fast into the corner the rear starts coming out and and in no time you'll lose the back tires from gripping to the surface. But there is a way to still be in control when you're sliding...

The solution to this “oversteer” is to keep the front tires into the direction of where you want to go (countersteer or “opposite lock”) and throttle your way out of the corner. Of course this is more than just countersteering and flooring the throttle.

It’s a precise balance of steering, accelerating, braking, shifting and pulling the e-brake to remain in the state of oversteer, or as it is now known; drifting. It really is driving almost beyond the limit of control, right on the edge!

Special drifting techniques are used to get or keep the car into a state of oversteer. In drifting as we know it today these racing techniques have really been taken to the extreme, pushing the boundaries of what a car is capable of to the limit.

Mazda RX-8 And A Nissan 350Z Going Sideways On Irwindale Speedway

It might look easy, but it takes incredible car control to a drift. Only dedicated drivers, who have been practicing for years can control the car how they want. When driving on the very edge of control one small mistake can end up in a serious accident.

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