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What Is Drifting

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History Of Drifting

The history of drifting originates back to the streets and mountain roads of Japan as a way to show off driving skills. Not that the racing techniques used in drifting were invented by the Japanese, but it was here where the drifting scene first started and developed into the multi-million dollar exhibition sport that it is today.

Drifting HistoryAs interest grew more people started to participate in drifting (Ikaten) events on the race track. Rather than the dangerous mountain roads, or urban streets filled with police, it was a great opportunity for the drifters to trade in the dangers and illegality.

By safely showcasing their driving skills on a closed and controlled environment; the race track, drifters could safely compete against each other without flying off the cliffs, getting into trouble with the authorities and having to deal with on-coming traffic.

Up until today the drifting in the mountains, as well as in the urban areas continues. There are still a lot of street racers actively practicing their skills. However, thanks to the popularity of drifting and the transition of going from the public roads to the race track, the “rebel image” of drifters is slowly disappearing. Drifters are slowly beginning to get accepted and respected for what they are worth!

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