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What Is Drifting

Extreme Imports

Final Notes

If you’ve ever seen these drifting battles you’ve probably wondered why they would let a 450HP Nissan Silvia up against a 200HP Toyota Corolla AE86.

In drifting speed isn’t as important as finesse and performing the most outrageous drift as possible doesn’t really depend on the amount of horsepower. So having a lot of horsepower isn’t necessarily an advantage.

Two Hachirokus In A Twin Drifting Battle!

For example, if done correctly the lower HP AE86 can drift through the corner at full throttle all the way, while the 450HP Silvia will constantly have to modulate and hold back on the throttle, not being able to fully rev up the engine.

It's also easier to correct mistakes with lots of horsepower and of course the straights are in favor of the faster car. But since there is no difficulty in outrunning slower cars on a straight you won’t score any points for this. The judges are highly skilled and respected drifters, so they know the advantages and disadvantages of most machines.

What is drifting? Well, you now know...

Drifting has come a long way. From the early battles on the Japanese mountain roads to the multi-million dollar sport that it has become today. The sport is currently spreading itself rapidly around the globe, with some countries picking it up faster and better than others.

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