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Skyline Drifting

Extreme Imports

Tsuchiya showing awesome control with his Skyline drifting!

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Two near-stock Skyline GT-Rs are drifting against each other in this drifting video. It’s pretty unique to see an AWD (All-Wheel-Drive) Skyline GT-R to drift as awesome as it does in this video. Although it’s not the same as permanent 4WD, it’s definitely a lot harder to control in drifting than it would be in a normal RWD.

The video has been taken from the popular movie series Shuto Kousuko. Released between around the late 80ties and mid 90ties, there have been 6 Shuto Kousoku movies in total. For the Japanese people this movie series was about as popular as the Fast And The Furious movies are in the West.

The above movie with the Skyline drifting has been taken from the 2nd edition. Keiichi Tsuchiya featured in some editions and is one of the drivers drifting the Skyline in this video. Here's another short clip of a race from one of these movies with a R33 GT-R and MR2. This clip has been taken from the Trial MAX edition, which was the 6th and last part of the series.

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