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Silvia Drift Crash

Extreme Imports

An unlucky accident in this Silvia drift crash video!

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First up is a green Silvia S13 and completes a great run.

Of course the black Silvia S14 up next wants to give it his best shot, but it doesn't really seem to go as planned.

He pulls off an aggressive feint drifting move to the right before throwing the Silvia into the other direction. Unfortunately the feint move is a little too aggressive! When he steers into the other direction the rear-end ends up in the dirt and completely out of nowhere this accident turns out more severe than expected. This definitely shows the dangers of the dirt drop drifting technique!

Feinting that aggressive requires great skill, and this driver was just a little overconfident. It hit the ground pretty hard when it role over so that was an expensive mistake that completely totalled this car.


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