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Sideways Ireland

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Sideways Ireland with Darren McNamara about his drifting career!

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Darren McNamara about his drifting life. As he explains his motorsports background he also talks about what exactly drifting is and why it has attracted him so much.

It's a short but very nice documentary that shows you the drifting world in Ireland. Although not quite up to par with the Japanese standards, this guy, the champion of Ireland, can sure drift like mad!

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Hear him out about his adventure on Silverstone where he got to drift in a D1 competition against pro drifter Hiroshi Fukuda and world champion Yasuyuki Kazama! He can be proud of his achievements having beaten a lot of Japanese pro drivers.

It's shows a drifting event organized this profesionally can only come from the land of the rising sun. Will Europe ever see events organised this good? Only time will tell....


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