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Rally Drifting

Extreme Imports

The true pros showing their 4WD moves in this rally drifting video!

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It's been pretty well known that the driving techniques used in drifting, are also very much applied in rally racing.

In this compilation you'll see the pros showing off some awesome cornering abilities! I said pros, but to be honest a lot of the above drivers are also from amateur competition. Likely not a low level, but it's not all WRC.

As you can see these cars drift through the hairpins at pretty high speeds. This is only possible because of the 4WD system.

It's not as easy as it seems though, and a 4WD platform requires a totally different approach for drifting than a RWD car. And besides, these rally cars all have a lot of power and torque under the bonnet. The engines usually deliver lots of torque throughout the whole RPM range. Their suspension systems are top-notch and they have high-performance braking systems. The tires are also usually pretty hard compound, even the tarmac tires.

As usual in competition the drivers aren't really afraid to break something, they're pushing it to the limit! As you can see the e-brake really rules bigtime!


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