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The foundation of drifting

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Master The Driving TechniquesDriving Technique

To learn racing and its driving techniques you'll need to have a certain amount of natural talent combined with an endless amount of dedication.

If you think you have what it takes, then you should start by learning the basics of racing, the driving techniques and how cars react when they are being pushed to the limit.

You don't have to be a pro racer to start drifting, but being a better racer can help you get better at drifting, and the other way around.

Compared to drifting, racing is even harder in my opinion. In racing the cars actually also drift. It might not seem like so, but just as in drifting, they have to deal with oversteer or understeer (losing the rear or front wheels).

The thing is, both racing and drifting share the same platform (the car), but the goals of each discipline are just so totally different! In racing you usually try to minimize oversteer going for maximum speed and the fastest time, while drifting is all about taking oversteer to the extreme to perform the most beautifull, outrageous drifts as possible. Two different concepts!

Learning the racing techniques will make drifting easier.

If you are interested in getting started in racing, then is a great place to start!

Don’t Drift!

Articles on Racing

Basics Of Racing
Basics Of Racing
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Oversteer & Understeer
Oversteer & Understeer
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Racing Line
Racing Line
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Learn How To Heel Toe
Learn How To Heel Toe
To learn how to heel toe is exciting! It is a great racing technique to acquire. Downshifting with heel toe makes your driving smoother and you will become a much better shifter!

Double Clutch
Double Clutch
The double clutch technique is an advanced follow-up on the heel toe technique. Double clutching asks for precision shifting, and is only meant to spin-up the gearbox.

Braking Technique
Braking Technique
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Racing Techniques

The objective is to cover a certain distance in the fastest possible time. On the straightaway the maximum speed depends mostly on the engine power and aerodynamics. But in the corners, it's really up to the driver and his handling abilities to carry as much speed through the corner as possible.

To minimize the cornering time and cover corners in the fastest possible way, you make use of a path through the corner called the racing line.

But that is only if you know how to control the car. It's not just steering, braking and shifting – there's more to it than that! Here are some of the racing techniques.

Subaru Impreza WRX Racing In A Straight Line

The most basic driving technique is heel toe downshifting.

It's a technique that will give you great control over your gear selection and allows you to downshift before cornering. Once you have mastered heel toe you are also able to learn to double clutch, but that's optional and nessecary.

It's probably the next best step to begin with! Once you've mastered those driving techniques you are ready to learn racing or experiment with drifting. It's really essential that you can perform heel toe downshifting without thinking. Otherwise you just can't be in proper control of the car.

Braking is another facet of racing that takes a lot of time to master. After having learned the basics and the beginner techniques it's time to head out for the circuits and practice at getting faster.

The hardest part in racing is of course cornering. Slowing down for corners isn't simply just slamming on the brakes. Using the correct braking technique is required if you want to make the most out of each situation.

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