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Corner Layout

Turn-In Point

First up is the turn-in point...How you set up the car for the turn-in point determines where you hit the apex, and by which speed you clear the corner exit. Basically the whole outcome of the corner is determined by the turn-in point.

Ideal Racing Line

Right before turning in, your right foot will go from the brake pedal to the throttle pedal. This is a delicate part that must be performed seamlessly.

Your tires are under heavy loads from braking so you should be careful with lifting off the brakes. You then gradually step on the throttle, giving it as much throttle for neither acceleration nor deceleration, keeping it in a steady state throughout the corner.

Just make sure to have finished braking and settled the car before you turn-in and then carry on turning into the corner.

As you can see in the red "oops line" in the picture above, turning in too early will kill your momentum later on in the apex. It will become almost impossible to still make it through the turn. You probably steer right off the track or will have to slow down, completely ruining any chance for good exit speed. You don’t want to be too early!

The turn-in point is at the end of the braking zone, so you’ll have to try and find the best braking point. You can use all sorts of reminders for the braking point, such as signs, billboards, flags, lamp posts, stones, or anything alongside the track.

With practice you’ll notice to get better at braking later and also harder. As you begin to master trail-braking you'll be able to increase entry and exit speed.

In the high speed corners you'll learn to brake earlier and lighter, so that you can get back on the throttle much faster each time you improve.

Kart Setting Up For The Apex

Apex (Clipping Point)

After the turn-in point you’ll be steady on the throttle through the apex. The inside part of the corner, usually marked by a red and white rumble strip is called the apex.

The point where you actually hit the apex after turning in, is called the clipping point. Right before turning in, this is the point where you are focusing on.

If you try hard and get better, you will learn to get on the throttle earlier and earlier. Too early or too much throttle and you will understeer out of the corner at the exit!

Track-Out Point

The track-out point is the last part of the corner. Since the goal is to obtain the greatest exit speed possible, if you’re passing the track-out point it’s essential to use the complete width of the track.

Use up every bit of track left. Don’t cut too deep into the corner exit if you don't have to or you’ll loose potential acceleration. Even if it’s just a tenth of a second, every bit of extra speed counts.

As you go around a certain corner more often, at the track-out point you’ll notice to get better at unwinding the steering wheel, while at the same time giving it more and more throttle. Eventually you'll be getting near the grip limit of your tires and start to feel a little oversteer or understeer, depending on your car's setup.

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