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Project D

Extreme Imports

Car video network GT Channel presents Project D!

GT Channel

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Part 1 of the drift car tutorial brought to you by GT Channel.

Tsuchiya, Kazama and Daisuke check out 3 drift cars to see whether they are the perfect drift machines or not. They check out a Subaru Impreza, a BMW 3-series and a Nissan Silvia S15.

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First up is the twin-charged Bee Racing Silvia S15, which seems to be the best pick of the bunch. No wonder, because it is a Silvia after all. Silvias don't need a lot of work to prep them for drifting!

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Next up is the street legal Impact BMW 318 with Toyota 1JZ engine swap. Unfortunately the LSD broke on the way to the Best Motoring test, so Keiichi Tsuchiya can't test its full drift potential. You just have to have a LSD for good drifting. Shame though, because the 400HP engine combined with the BMW chassis has to be a magical combination.

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How to convert your AWD Impreza to RWD? Best Motoring shows us that it's actually not much of a hard job to do, if you got the right parts. Watanabe Service has developed special differential parts that are straight bolt-on which allow for easy installment.

Kazama and Daisuke go out to drift the BMW and Impreza, giving Tsuchiya the opportunity to rate all cars from the outside. Daisuke still needs some practise, and shows that even a skilled racing driver still has to learn the art of oversteer. Rodeo clown Kazama breaks the BMW's driveshaft.

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The final part of part 1, continued with Tsuchiya's rating of the three drift cars. In this final part Silvia expert Kazama gives it his best shot and really shows what this car is capable of! Even Daisuke is able to drift this car!

And on a final note I'd like to say that Tsuchiya is WRONG about the BMW. This particular example might not be very good but BMWs are perfect drifting machines!

If you'd like to see Part 2 of Project D, it is available in the Best Motoring DVD American Touge 3!


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