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Power Over Drifting Technique

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Horsepower Rules!Power Over Drifting Technique

The power over drifting technique is quite a simple concept: If you're cornering and put enough power on the wheels in a RWD car, the natural tendency of the car is to oversteer.


By the sudden acceleration of the tires they will start to lose traction and the rear wheels will want to spin.

Because the driven wheels in a RWD layout are on the rear (duh), the rear end loses traction and this results in oversteer if you are cornering.

This technique doesn't require high speeds and it’s one of the easiest techniques.

More horsepower is required if you want to try the power over drifting technique at higher speeds. Trying it with little power requires a skilful driver, who can play with the weight transitions of the car. The more power you have, the easier it gets.

Power Over Drifting Technique
How To:

  • Coming from the straight towards a corner at any speed

  • Brake and heel-toe downshift

  • Finish braking then steer into the corner

  • Control the throttle and then initiate the drift wherever you like in the corner by flooring the throttle for a second

  • Feel the back end lose traction and start to countersteer with the wheels along the corner’s path

  • Wait until you see that the car is facing the direction of the corner exit. Then gently give it a little power to pick up the drift. Control the throttle throughout the drift towards the exit.

This drifting technique depends a lot on the available traction of the front tires. It's very easy to get understeer if your car isn't properly balanced. There's something you can do to decrease the chances of getting understeer.

By holding back the throttle just a little right before you intend to briefly floor the pedal, you can shift some weight of the car towards the front. This way when you briefly floor the throttle to induce the oversteer, more weight will transfer back again to the rear. This will make it easier to lose rear traction.

It’s possible that your suspension setup isn’t quite cooperative, and that you only get understeer when you accelerate in the corner. In that case you should try the power over drifting technique in the rain or snow. It’s very easy to get the car drifting if you use this drifting technique on wet surfaces.

A great beginner technique that is easy to apply, and can be used to easily induce oversteer anywhere you want throughout the whole corner, even at the corner exit. The corner exit is probably where you’ll begin learning drifting, therefore it’s a very good technique for novices.

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