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Oversteer & Understeer

Extreme Imports

Oversteer & Understeer

Now if the slip angle of the front tires is greater than the slip angle of the rear you’ll encounter understeer. While if the slip angle of the rear tires is greater than the front tires you’ll have to deal with oversteer.

If the slip angle in front is the same as in the rear they’ll balance each other out.

This is considered to be neutral steering.

This is actually the fastest way through a corner.

Understeer & Oversteer

Perhaps confusing but this proves that drifting is not, and yet is, the fastest way to go through a corner:

You’ll only need a few degrees of slip angle to use the tires at their peak performance, and need to have the same amount of slip angle for both the front and rear to get the neutral steering. In conclusion you can say that "full lock countersteer" drifts are slow, but subtle, "zero-countersteer four-wheel" drifts are fast.

This is the fastest way, but considering tire wear, exhaustion of the driver, and difficulty of control this isn't the smartest way to go by.

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