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Mazda Drift Cars

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Mazda Drift Cars

Mazda Drift Cars

RX-7 (85-02)

Mazda RX-7

The RX-7 is the best car Mazda has to offer. It has been in production since the late eighties but only the two latest models, the FC3S and FD3S, are the ones you occasionally might spot on the road. The FC model is actually already getting pretty rare these days.

Beneath the bonnet lies the famous rotary engine. It's a revvy engine with great response and gives an awesome sound. The downside is that it can be quite thirsty. The light-weight rotary engine is placed right behind the front axle resulting in great overall balance. The RX-7 is probably the best choice in Mazda drift cars.

In Japan there are plenty of parts available, but in other parts of the world it’s not always easy to find 2nd hand parts. So be sure to have a part supplier in case you need repairs. Aftermarket support is plentiful, finding a company to tune your RX-7 is probably a bigger worry.

Mazda Drift Cars

RX-8 (03-»)

Mazda RX-8

Designed to follow in the footsteps of the RX-7, the Mazda RX-8 was released to the market as its successor. It still retains the original concept as a sports-coupe, only now it’s a 4-door coupe with suicide doors on the back.

It’s a well designed car that comes very close to 50:50 weight distribution. The 1.3 liter rotary engine that has been taken under hands is now smaller in size and weighs less than previous rotary engine. It has better fuel economy and increased power output.

But unlike its big brother the RX-7 it doesn’t have a turbocharger. So unfortunately it is lacking a bit in power.

There are two versions available, the first one with a 5 speed manual with about 190hp, the other with a 6-speed gearbox delivering about 230hp. Of course it's the latter one you want.

Mazda Drift Cars

MX-5 (89-»)

Mazda MX-5

Mazda also emphasized on balance for the MX-5 and have achieved a 50:50 weight distribution, making this one of the best Mazda drift cars.

It has very neutral balance so it's a great car for beginners. It’s a small, lightweight sports car that loves to be driven hard. The higher up in the revs, the better! It’s a real driver’s car and is designed for only that purpose alone.

Drifting the MX-5 in stock form is somewhat of a challenge, but that also makes it a great car to learn from. The weight is its ultimate advantage as the older MX-5 weighs just under 1000kg and the newer models are a little heavier; just over 1000kg. Power output is ranging from 115hp on older models to 160hp on newer models.

You don’t see this car very often in drifting because it is generally considered to be more of a beginner’s car, but personally I can never get enough of this car.

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