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Long Slide Drifting Technique

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Long Slide Drift

The long slide drifting technique, also known in Japan as Side-Long, or “Choku-Dori” goes above the advanced drifting techniques and could easily be labelled as an expert drifting technique.

This technique is done on corners after long straightaways, when the cars are coming from speeds of up to 100mph (160kmh). The end result are mighty, spectacular and especially long drifts.

Way before the corner, while still driving on the straight, the driver pulls the e-brake to get the car to oversteer. The car starts to slide at a very high angle and by using the e-brake and brake pedal the driver tries to maintain his drift angle, while decelerating into the corner sideways. This usually involves locking all 4 wheels simultaneously and can only be performed at high speeds.

When enough speed is lost by sliding on 4 wheels the driver picks up the drift by accelerating through the corner.

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