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Learn How To Heel Toe

Extreme Imports

Heel Toe Downshift Video

Learn how to heel toe with this video! The move itself only happens in the blink of an eye, so with all these long explanations I understand you'd prefer to see it in motion.

I have a great video for you to help you to learn how to heel. The video contains two clips. The first part shows you the the footwork going on when you perform a heel toe downshift.

Ooooops! You seem to be missing the Flash plugin which means you can't watch the video. The Flash plug-in is being used all over the Internet and installing it is a breeze. Please go here to download Flash Player so that you can view the video.

The second part shows heel toe downshifting, along with an extra step in the process.

This is another driving technique called double clutching. If you want to race or drift, knowing this technique is not really essential, but it's definitely worth checking out.

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