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Learn How To Heel Toe

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Some basic tips I’ve outlined below to learn how to heel toe:

Getting Used To Heel Toe

Aluminum Pedals
If you just started out to learn how to heel toe it can be a little difficult to do all the steps all at once.

To minimize mistakes and to get used to the technique you can try to practice the pedal operation when the vehicle is standing still.

Turning the engine on or off both has its pros and cons. If the engine is turned off you can practice the complete technique. However, as brake fluid pressure builds up when the engine isn’t running, remember to constantly keep your foot on the brake while practicing. Turning your engine on requires you not to get out of neutral or not to release the clutch.

If the car is standing still you can try out the technique with bare feet. It’ll help you feel the best placement of your feet on the pedals. Of course do it in the drive way only, it’s not really recommended to drive like this.

Driving Shoes

Race Driving ShoesIf you put on shoes, make sure they are suitable for performing heel toe. Big boots or basically any shoes with thick soles are not very practical. Even basketball or running shoes are not good enough.

There are driving shoes available in a variety of designs, brands and colors. The better you can feel the pedals, the more control you will have.

With a little dedication you’ll have this technique covered in no-time! As time goes by you’ll notice you get better at amounting the throttle and timing the release of the clutch.

Unnecessary Braking

You’re using only the ball of your foot, so the rest of your foot is going to be above the throttle pedal. Mind that don't touch the brake pedal when you brake, while at the same time you must be able to brake hard enough to lock the wheels or engage the ABS-system.

Feel & Hear The Engine

Usually every downshift takes around 1000 to 1500 of increase in RPM. The hard part when you learn how to heel toe is to control the throttle. The whole key to the heel toe technique is to release the clutch when the engine is spinning at the perfect RPM for the clutch to synchronize.

So don’t try and watch you’re tachometer. Instead just try to feel it come together. If you don't give it enough throttle, or give it too much, you’ll feel & hear what happens anyhow.

Furthermore, the lower the gear to shift down to, the harder it becomes to get the perfect amount of throttle to get that perfect shift.

Become A Better Driver

After you learn how to heel toe controlling both pedals at once will be child's play. This also is an advantage when driving around town. For instance when you need to go uphill from a standstill, normally it’s hard to switch the brake pedal for the throttle without rolling a bit backwards. Normally if you don’t want to roll backwards you’d be forced to use your e-brake, but with this technique those are days of the past.

Have fun learning heel toe!!

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