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Learn How To Heel Toe

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Learning The Heel Toe Technique

To learn how to heel toe isn’t very hard but it takes some time getting used to. Eventually you’ll have to perform this technique without having to think about it. As with anything else in life, everything you practice often will be automated.

So don’t worry about it in the beginning, I messed up big-time when I tried it for the first time! I couldn’t control my braking and the timing of my actions with the clutch and gearstick were totally awful! Get ready to crunch your gearbox!

As said above, you can help to synchronize the engine with the driving speed of the wheels, by using the throttle. To get the best acceleration possible when coming out of a corner, you want to shift down right after braking. But how can you shift down and brake at the same time? Only two feet and three pedals to operate?

This means that somehow you’re going to have to operate two pedals simultaneously with one foot.

That’s the tricky part: If you are shifting down and the gear shift crosses neutral you should use your right foot to blip the throttle. While you’re blipping the throttle you should also keep your right foot on the brake pedal. It might sound a bit complicated, but once you learn how to heel toe you’ll perform the technique effortlessly.

Going Through The Steps

Let’s say you enter a corner and would like to downshift from 4th to 3rd.
Here’s how it’s done:


Heel Toe Technique Step 1

You are entering the corner with full throttle, and prepare for braking on a straight line


Heel Toe Technique Step 2

Release the throttle and use your right foot for the brakes as you normally would, and start braking. First gently, then hard. Only use the ball of your foot for the brake pedal.

The following two sequences are done simultaneously.

This means you'll have to operate two pedals with one foot.


Heel Toe Technique Step 3

* Put the clutch in and shift to neutral

* Keep the ball of your foot (under the big toe) on the brakes and maintain control of pressure. Use part of the rest of your foot to quickly blip the throttle and bring up RPMs.


Heel Toe Technique Step 4

First complete the shift maneuver and put the gearstick into 3rd. Bring up the clutch and resume throttle or repeat step 3 and 4 to make another downshift.

What part of your foot will you be using to blip the throttle?

That depends on a variety of factors: The pedal layout, the size of your feet, your footwear and your favorite or best technique. The name “heel and toe” is kind of misleading, since you’re not actually using your toes for the brakes either. If you use your heel to blip the throttle, because perhaps this is the easiest way for you, that’s fine, as long as you get the job done.

With an aftermarket throttle extension pedal, sports pedals are designed to make the maneuver with the heel a lot easier than with the stock pedals.

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