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Learn How To Drift

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A RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) Car

People tend to say that you need lots of horsepower to be able to drift; this is not true. Of course you need some power, for example, 100HP is definitely the least you need, preferably a little more.

The less power you have the more you’ll have to rely on using drift techniques to initiate or maintain your drifts. Although it’s harder, it’s very much possible to drift in lower power cars. Lots of power will make it easier to correct mistakes, and that’s why people say you need lots of horsepower.

Even around 150HP the likes of Formula D drivers are having difficulty drifting a stock MX-5 to its limits on a racetrack. It’s not easy, but if you are capable of drifting stock cars you’ll find it a lot easier to drift cars with more power.

Even Pro Drivers Have A Hard Time Drifting A Stock MX-5

So basically, the less power you have, the more you will have to use your skills to make up for the difference. When you learn how to drift it’s best to start of with not too much power.

In any case, almost any RWD car will do. If you're not sure which car you want to get, I'd suggest to visit our drift cars section.

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