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Learn How To Drift

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Driving Challenges For Practice

It would be nice if you can get your hands on some cones and lay out your own driving challenges.

There are a lot of maneuvers you could perform when you learn how to drift. The most basic and straightforward exercise is the donut. This simply is going in circles round and round and round, round, etc. You get the idea...You should try to learn to control the donut with countersteer (steering the other way of where you’re going), and in a later stadium, be able to control the radius of the circles.

Besides doing donuts you could set up two cones and try to drift in figure eights. Other good practices are slalom and 180/90 degree turns or stops. These are all great exercises for polishing up your skills and getting a better feel for the car. Trying to get the timing right with everything in harmony is the thing you’ll probably be practicing most on.

Ferrari Drifting

Once you’re practicing you will really start to get a good feeling for the car’s movements. Anticipation is everything in driving, drifting or racing!

It’s a good thing to have played around a bit with the car before attempting any serious drifting. Some racing experience is definitely recommended, but not required. It’ll help you to learn to drift much more easily.

You can’t run before you can walk so you it’s better to learn the basics of racing first. It’s not necessary to learn both grip racing and drift racing, but they both involve car physics and being able to control the car. Studying both disciplines will help you learn either style much better; if you’re leaving one discipline out you’ll miss out on the necessary control needed for high performance driving.

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