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Learn How To Drift

Extreme Imports

Going For The Corner!

With these exercises you’re ready to learn how to drift through actual corners, rather than just practicing low speed manoeuvres on an open parking lot. If you’re finally ready to go drifting through corners, this is the basic picture of what to do:

When you’re entering a corner:

  •   Brake and shift down to the desired speed using heel toe
  •   Overspeed and steer into the corner
  •   Initiate the drift with one of the drifting techniques
  •   Countersteer
  •   Gradually open the throttle
  •   Modulate the steering and throttle to control the drift
  •   Exit the corner and slowly regain control

Be gentle with the throttle, really try to be as smooth as possible.
You need to commit to the drift or otherwise you might mess up and crash, spin out, or run off track. Looking well ahead through the corner, where you want to go, is equally important, if not the most important thing of all.

Remember to take it slow, step by step, and don’t overdo it. If you mess up and can save your car from disaster, simply take a minute to calm down before you proceed your drift session.

To learn how to drift can be quite an adventure, it takes a dedicated and patient driver to gain these awesome car control skills. And of course the necessary repair bills!
If you'd like to see how you're progressing then don't forget to once and a while come back to the basics to review your practice.

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