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Keichi Tsuchiya Pluspy

Extreme Imports

Drift King’s old Movie: Keichi Tsuchiya Pluspy!

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See some awesome drift action from this old Japanese drift movie. Called Pluspy, this movie shows young Keichi Tsuchiya drifting in and racing an AE86 Levin in the mountains of Japan. It was filmed in order to showcase his exceptional driving skills and has been partly responsible for tremendous popularity boost that drifting has seen in Japan.

This drift action was set out as an example for the rest of the drivers and we all know what followed next. In case you didn’t, you can read the full history of drifting of Japan right here on

This video is not the complete video: It’s a remix from the original. To spice up the action they’ve mixed Initial D music in the background. You either love it or hate it, if you like Initial D you will probably love it. :)


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