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Kazama 1st Time Rodeo Drift

Extreme Imports

Presented by Nomuken, the Kazama 1st time rodeo drift!

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Yasuyuki Kazama tries out his trademark donut, the rodeo drift, in his privately owned Silvia S14. It basically means sitting on your door while doing donuts and it seems as if this is the first time he's going to try it for the public.

It's looks not easy. You'll have to control the throttle with your left foot and can only hold the steering wheel with the left hand. As long as you can keep the car spinning with the throttle everything is ok, but as you car see it's almost impossible to make quick steering reactions to correct mistakes.

Kazama has always been showing off tricks like for instance leaving your car while it's still rolling. If you've seen Kazama doing his rodeo clown act any time lately, you've probably seen he's better than the above footage shows. Then again the D1 Silvia S15 is perhaps easier to control that this S14. Anyhow, as you can see practice makes perfect!


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