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Jump Drifting Technique

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Using The KerbJump Drifting Technique

The jump drifting technique is another expert drifting technique that, unless you know the other techniques really well, shouldn’t be tried.

In essence this technique is almost similar to the dirt drop drifting technique, but they’re not completely the same.

For this technique you use the rumble strip on the inside of the turn to shift the weight and to upset the car’s balance.

Usually in the short time the rear inside tire is airborne it starts spinning faster than the available traction. When it regains contact with the surface you should lose traction. In case it doesn't the abrupt weight shift will definitely cause the tires to lose traction.

Jump Drifting Technique
How To:

  • Coming from the straight towards a corner

  • Remain on the throttle and steer into the corner. Aim to drive your inside tires over the rumble strip

  • While driving over the rumble strip remain on the throttle. In the short moment your rear wheels are from the ground they should start to spin, causing them to lose grip. And if that’s not the case the sudden change in weight distribution will cause them to lose grip anyway

  • The rest of the drift is the same as the previous drifting techniques. Feel the tires lose traction and start to countersteer

  • Wait until you see that the car is facing the direction of the corner exit. Then gently give it a little power to pick up the drift. Control the throttle throughout the drift towards the exit.

Basically you can drift because when the inside tires fly over the rumble strip they break loose and regain contact with the surface. This causes an abrupt weight shift that makes the car lose balance. Catching the drift would then be the hardest part, hence why it’s a medium speed drifting technique. High speed would just be too unpredictable and dangerous.

One some circuits, drift clubs or events this technique is actually not allowed to use because it is just too dangerous.

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