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Initial D The Movie

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The Most Popular Anime Series

Turned into a Live Action Movie

Initial D Title


Directed by Andrew Lau and Alan Mak, Initial D The Movie captures the setting of the original anime series and turns it into reality in this live action movie.

If you are a drifter you probably already know the story by heart. If you haven't heard about Initial D yet then you've probably been living under a rock. Initial D has been the most popular anime series for car enthusiasts and helped a great deal with increasing the popularity of drifting.

Initial D Title Screen

Drift scenes with a white Trueno set the stage for Initial D

Initial D is about the story of a young man, a high school student named Takumi Fujiwara. At 13 his father runs a tofu shop and forces Takumi to do the tofu delivery for him. For the past 5 years Takumi has been delivering tofu going up and down the hills of Mount Akina, using his father's old Toyota AE86 (hachiroku).

Turned 18, Takumi has become the best driver of the region and isn't even aware of it. At first he isn't even remotely interested in cars.

Takumi has broken the AE86's engine

This takes Takumi on an epic journey in Initial D The Movie. He discovers the real truth to his talents after being challenged by the mighty Skyline R32 from NightKids team member Nakazato. He progresses to get more interested in the street racing world and takes on battle after battle, each battle getting more intense!

The Skyline R32 from Nakazato

Fans with expectations of an authentic adoption from the original storyline could possibly be a little disappointed.

To favor speeding through the storyline it's fair to say they've left out certain things. Then again, it's hard to imagine anyone could put the whole series into one movie.

Great Camera Work

But they've left out important things! Certain details that really couldn't have been left out. For example, Ryosuke's brother, Keisuke Takahashi with the famous yellow FD, is nowhere to be found in this movie, as if he never existed in the original Initial D story!

And certain characters, like Takeshi Nakazato from the NightKids or Seiji Iwak from Team Emperor, don't really resemble their cartoon counterparts as you would expect. On the other hand characters like Itsuki are done pretty well.

The AE86 downhill specialist!

In the end I don't think you will be disappointed, because it's just an entertaining movie to watch. And of course for any Initial D fan this is a must-see!

It's possible that there will be a sequel to this movie, since it ends as what could be a great beginning for Project D. Let's hope a sequel is planned!

In this movie the storyline is not always well adopted, but overall they didn't do a bad job setting the Initial D mood. This movie is action-packed and with all its drifting battles it will keep you entertained.

Initial D Cover

There are more than enough battle scenes in Initial D the movie. Shown through many camera angles these touge battles are definitely going to amuse you. After all it is one of the main reasons you're watching this movie.

Initial D Cast

Fujiwara Takumi

Jay Chou
Fujiwara Takumi

Fujiwara Bunta

Anthony Wong
Fujiwara Bunta

Mogi Natsuki

Anne Suzuki
Mogi Natsuki

Nakazato Takeshi

Shawn Yue
Nakazato Takeshi


Takeuchi Itsuki

Chapman To
Takeuchi Itsuki

Tachibana Yuichi

Kenny Bee
Tachibana Yuichi

Takahashi Ryosuke

Edison Chen
Takahashi Ryosuke

Sudou Kyouichi

Jordan Chan
Sudou Kyoichi

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Running time:
# of Disc(s):
DVD Format:
109 minutes
Dolby Surround AC-3
All Region
Cantonese (DTS 6.1 Surround), Cantonese (DD 6.1 Surround), Mandarin (DD 5.1 Surround)
English, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified)

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