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Honda Drift Cars

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Honda Drift Cars

Honda Drift Cars

S2000 (99-»)

Honda S2000

Famous for their V-TEC system, you don’t see the Honda S2000 all that often in drifting, but with money for some modifications it can be turned into a great drift car.

It’s one of the very few Honda drift cars and has a perfect 50:50 weight distribution, so it drives very neutral. For racing this is wonderful, but for drifting you wouldn’t mind having a little oversteer.

Something worthwhile mentioning is that the strength of the S2000’s chassis is super strong. Depending on your driving style this is, or isn’t a good thing. It takes a better driver to cope with such a stiff chassis, because a chassis that flexes more is also more forgiving.

Besides, it’s very common to put a rollcage in your drift car as a safety precaution, and that would make the car even stiffer. This can make the S2000 quite a handful to drift with.

But the S2000 comes with another problem. It comes with an electronic power steering system called EPS. This can make drifting the S2000 near impossible. Fortunately it’s possible to fix this by changing it with a normal hydraulic power steering system.

To change the neutral character to a more oversteering character, it is recommended to upgrade the suspension. The rear-end, like for example the control arms and axles, is known to be pretty weak and recommended to upgrade as well.

There is a lot of tuning potential but the NA engine has its limits of course. In stock form it delivers 240hp and gets up to about 300-350hp, but bear in mind that it’s a lightweight car and can get a lot lighter with the help of some carbon.

If the S2000 is tuned right, like for example the S2000 from Amuse pictured above, it can be a real monster on the track. But for drifting I’ll think twice before getting a S2000. Unless you really want to use the S2000 for drifting you’d be better off considering another car.

Honda Drift Cars

NSX (90-05)

Honda NSX

The Honda drift cars are scarce, with the NSX to be the only other driftable car. It’s rarely seen in the drifting scene, because just like the S2000 it’s geared much more towards racing rather than drifting. And to add to that the NSX doesn’t come cheap, and are in very limited numbers compared to other cars. It is after all Japan’s super car!

This car almost has unlimited potential on the race track but is unfortunately lacking power amongst today’s super cars. It has a 3.0 liter 6-cylinder engine delivering 270hp, and modified in 1997 to 3.2 liter with 291hp. In the corners it can really work wonders and can even catch up with today’s Lamborghinis. But can this car drift?

Thanks to the great balance combined with the rear-engine layout it can! It’s not a beginner car but it has some awesome potential. Tuning is available, but hard to find, expensive and not overwhelmingly much. The NSX is definitely not a smart choice to use only for drifting.

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