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History Of Drifting

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Racing Roots

While it wasn’t up until recently that drifting became as popular as it is today, the history of drifting dates back to many years ago...

History of Drifting

People didn’t call it drifting back then, but throughout the 20th century it started as a racing technique used in motorsports.

Drifting basically refers a condition of oversteer, that enables drivers to take the car beyond its limits and, in some cases, go faster through the corners. Drivers have been using this technique as early as the 1930’s in Grand Prix races.

Another fine example is rally, where even today, since they usually have almost no grip at all, drivers go quicker by drifting the 4WD machines through the corners. Although drifting is not a faster way to race, knowing how to control the car when you encounter oversteer is obviously an advantage to anyone’s driving ability.

Subaru Impreza WRC Rally Car

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