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Gumetape Death Match

Extreme Imports

The famous Gumetape Death Match by Keiichi Tsuchiya!

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Even more footage from Keiichi Tsuchiya in this drifting video, where he attempts to recreate this famous battle from Initial D to see if it actually is possible. As you can see there’s not much room for error and the trick is to drift and minimize the amount of countersteer, so that you won’t run out of steering wheel!

When at racing speeds and depending on the circuit, doing this even hard to pull off in a FWD vehicle. Tsuchiya seems to trust his abilities and tries it in his RWD AE86. You still see him holding back though, and he seems more than happy when the drift is over.

Tsuchiya worked behind the scenes of Initial D and once even appeared in the cartoon itself. I’m not sure if he has anything to do with the Gumetape Death Match, but it’s fun to watch to say the least! I won’t spoil the outcome, just see for yourself!


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