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Ford Drift Cars

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Ford Drift Cars

Ford Drift Cars

Mustang (64-ยป)

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is not a cheap car for drifting, but you do get pretty good performance for your money. Not as good as the evenly priced Japanese competition, but very good nonetheless!

The older models are affordable though and are also ok for drifting.

The latest model was also used in the latest installment of the Fast & The Furious, Tokyo Drift, which has contributed a lot to its popularity for drifting. This Mustang however was actually powered by a RB26DETT converted to a single turbo, so no roaring V8 sounds.

The Mustang is one of the more popular drift cars in the States, but because it's quite expensive you don't see the newest model being used very often in the lower ranks of drifting.

If you see newer Mustangs drifting, it usually are drift machines fully prepped for professional drifting, like the drifting Mustang in the picture above. Older Mustangs on the other hand, from the 80's and 90's, are often seen and are great for Americans looking for domestic drift cars.

Power isn't going to be a problem, but the Mustang is, as usual for big American cars, pretty heavy. You will definitely need to do something about the weight. The stock suspension systems aren't very great either, so you will have to look into that too.

You could go as far as taking a '64 or '65 Mustang, but of course older cars like these need more work to set them up for drifting.

Ford Drift Cars

Sierra (87-93)

Ford Sierra

The Sierra joins the selection of Ford drift cars. It is a great budget car that is excellent for the starting drifter. It's probably the cheapest drift car you could get and has a great supply of 2nd hand parts.

It's not as easy to drift as a Nissan Silvia or BMW 3-series, but if the differential is welded and the suspension a little bit tuned it can prove to be pretty good contender. Compared to the better drift cars it is quite a sluggish ride though. By welding the diff it won't get any prettier, you will have less turn-in ability.

If you're going after a Sierra get a 2WD Cosworth, or otherwise a XR4 or at least the 2.0 liter 120hp model with fuel injection.

Ford Drift Cars

Escort (68-80)

Ford Escort

The Escort has only been RWD until the FWD MK3 arrived in 1980. For its time it is one of the better cars from Ford and had quite a successful racing career.

Chances are you won't be able to find one as they are now over 25 years old. If you can find one, you can get the early MK1 model, or otherwise the MK2 model. There's also a RS2000 model available that has 100hp.

There are even more cars from Ford available that can drift, but these are all pretty old. In the old days all cars were RWD so just see what you can come up with if you want to be original. Other Fords to look out for are the Capri, Taunus, Scorpio & Granada.

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