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Early Days of D1

Extreme Imports

See the pros when they weren't as good as today in the early days of D1!

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We're going back in Japanese time again to see the early days of drifting.

Today's pros like Orido and Nomura are still pretty young here, it's the time before they were rich drivers with massive contracts and sponsorships. Orido wears a plain sweater with no branding, and Nomuken even has long hair! Their cars are tuned for drifting, but it is still all low budget.

While not really a drifting battle, they hold a contest who can make the longest slide before drifting into the corner. They use the “choku-dori” technique, or side long drifting technique, and pull the e-brake as much as over 100 meter before the corner. As you can see not everyone succeeds.


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