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Driving Skills

Extreme Imports

Hollywood action with stunt drivers showing off their driving skills!

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A group of stunt drivers heads out to show off their skills in FWD cars. It shines that these guys have trained a lot, stunt drivers are usually good at small maneuvers with cars.

Some amazing footage, and not just small maneuvers. Shown are stunts like a 360 spin turn, a 360 turn, a reverse 360 turn, a parking turn & reverse turn, a 540 turn, side parking and reverse parking.

I suppose the greatest trick of them all is when they are driving on 2 wheels and the person in the passenger seat starts to change the rear tire! The last couple of minutes aren't exactly breathtaking, but shows some precision driving as they go through the slalom synchronized like a train. They also run into each others direction in groups, and by synchronized timing they manage to evade one another. Quite a sight to behold!


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