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Drifting Techniques

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Meet The Drifting Techniques


Drifting TechniquesMastering all the drifting techniques is what most drifters are constantly working on; they are the core of your ability.

Drifters constantly use all these techniques to initiate oversteer, and to remain in this state throughout the whole corner.

Before learning these techniques you are required to have a general idea of high performance driving, or racing. You can read all about the racing basics, differences between oversteer and understeer, and heel-toe downshifting technique in the racing section.

Enter The Racing Section

Practice, Practice, Practice!

The key is to constantly remain in a state of oversteer. You can do this by going for the perfect balance point in which you’ll find that the car stabilizes in the drift.

Keeping this balance point is essential if you want to clear your drift beautifully.

Some drivers enter corners at near impossible angles. It seems as if they are going out of control, but because they are so skilled in the art of drifting they can maintain their balance.

Most people don't realize it takes many years of hard work to perform as good as this.

In order to keep your balance you have a wide range of instruments at your disposal. It is vital to know what each instrument does and how it effects the car's behavior.

Drifters keep their car sideways by operating all of the instruments: throttle, brake, clutch, steering and e-brake.

Oversteer by acceleration

Oversteer by deceleration

Oversteer by weight transfer

Advanced drifting techniques

  • Swaying

Although he might have not invented the racing techniques used in drifting, "Drift King" Keiichi Tsuchiya is responsible for naming most of these drifting techniques.

A clip from the Drift Bible, Keiichi Tsuchiya's guide to drifting!

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All of these drifting techniques each have their own applications.
It is up to you to find the right technique for each situation!

Explaining What Does What


ThrottleMastering all the drifting techniques is what most drifters are constantly working on; they are the core of your ability.

The amount of throttle depends on the car’s angle and the amount of countersteer. More throttle increases the angle. Too much throttle and you’ll spin. Less throttle decreases the angle. Too little throttle and you’ll regain grip.


BrakesUsually braking is not necessary while drifting, only upon entering the drift. Of course the brake pedal is used to slow down, but there’s more to it! Proper braking can heavily influence the car’s balance by shifting more weight.

Also when braking, due to the forward weight transition the rear wheels lose even more traction. If you are steering while braking it can increase the drift angle. Watching your brake balance is important; you need to have a good feeling for the brakes!



The clutch is often used to initiate the drift. Properly using the clutch pedal also gives the driver the ability to increase the drift angle, and to gain more momentum. All of these little adjustments can be done without sacrificing much speed.

Clutch kicking is a typical technique for the lower power cars; they need all the speed they can get! The clutch alone can be enough to induce a drift!


SteeringSteering is probably the most important of all, it’s crucial that you find the perfect amount of countersteer. Too much countersteer and you’ll spin around, and too little countersteer and you’ll find yourself flying off the track!

Even though it might look like you have to be vigorously at throwing the wheel around, smooth steering is still the way to go!

That’s it! Have fun learning!

Go here if you like to know more about learning how to drift.

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