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Drifting Techniques

Extreme Imports

Drift Xtreme Team shows you the Drifting Techniques!

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Take a look at these guys! Called the Drift Xtreme Team, they are a group of drifters from Japan showing you some of their skills on the Ebisu circuit.

Including are Yuuki Izumida in the gold Supra, Yasayuki Kazama in the blue S15, Ken Nomura in his ER34 Skyline, Macha Asamoto in the orange FD3s RX-7, Kazuhiro Tanaka in the other S15 and Nobushige Kumakubo in his truck-converted S13 Silvia. The Drift Xtreme Team features some of the finest drifters in the world! First shown is a little introduction to drifting, then they go on by showing the most famous techniques. They finish the video by introducing each of the members one-by-one.


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