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Drifting Accident

Extreme Imports

A drifting accident from an unexperienced driver!

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This probably happens when you have been watching too much 2F2F Tokyo Drift. You go out and take your own car for a spin, trying to mimic the actions scenes from the movies without proper preparation. Can you believe how stupid some people are!

You can speculate a great deal on how this drifting accident actually happened. You might notice that right when he’s coming around the corner a biker blocks his path. This causes the driver to evade the biker and crashes himself into the wall. Honestly though, even if the bike wouldn’t be there I don’t think it would have made a big difference. You can see him trying to recover but it just won't do any good, the momentum is already pushing him into the wall.

Let his stupidity be a lesson for you. Drifting is a dangerous game if you don’t take the right precautions. And if you really have to practice on streets like these, either make sure there is no one around (can you?), or be very, very sure to know what you're doing. Don’t try it at all if you just begun drifting..


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