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Drift Spin Crash

Extreme Imports

A D1 battle ends spectacularly in this drift spin crash!

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A spectacular D1 battle crash! Both cars come out of the first corner side-by-side and the inside car gets some understeer, tipping his opponent, sending him and himself into the wall.

What follows is a crash rarely seen before in drifting. Both cars hit the wall at such an angle that it sends them into a violent spin! The crowd goes wild, the judges are in awe and I'm sure both drivers got dizzy pretty bad! Just see the parts flying everywhere! I’m not sure whether the damage is still repairable, but for both drivers this was an expensive mistake and game over for this D1 event.

Overall drifting cars are pretty safe with the roll cage, safety harness and bucket seat. While the parts were aggressively flying off, considering the risk the drivers were at it looked worse than it actually was. The cars are unfortunately totally ruined.


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