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As a drifting enthusiast putting on new drift parts is exciting. But since most of us don't have an unlimited supply of money it can get ridiculously expensive. So instead of just buying random parts you should make a plan. This tuning plan will be based on the amount of time, effort and money you're willing to put into your project.

If you just started with drifting read our Drift Tuning 101.

AE86 Gets New Drift Parts

The information listed for each of the tuning parts is far from complete, but you'll get a general idea of what each part is and does, and what to look for when you go shopping for drift parts.

Drift Tuning

Put Your Car On A Weigh ScaleThere's no better way to start your tuning adventure than by saving weight. I assure you that it helps a lot to remove a few pounds! After removing as much weight as possible you could continue installing new parts.

All the aftermarket modifications listed below are used in drifting, but of course you don't need everything. Just upgrade the parts one at a time so you can learn what each part does.

Want to know more about car tuning? Stay tuned for more drift parts, or check out Torque Cars and Cartuning-guide (Dutch) for more information on this subject.

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