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Drift Like Nomuken

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A Training Guide To The Art Of Drifting

Drift Like Nomuken Cover


With so many new people turning their interest to drifting the guys from JDM Option (Video Option) created a “how-to-drift” DVD to answer most of the beginner questions.

Try To Drift Like Nomuken!

The DVD is called Drift Like Nomuken off with Ken Nomura picking up a random man that doens't know much about drifting. The guy he picks up is Mr. Kobayashi, a usual businessman who thinks drifting couldn't be all too hard and has apparently got a strange fetish for loose socks. Nomuken awakens the drifter in Mr. Kobayashi, or “Loose Kobayashi”, by letting him practice in his R34 GT-T sedan. Strangely he manages to learn drifting in only 90 minutes!

Building A Bulletproof Drift Machine!

Nomuken builds up him a drift car and uses the 1988 A31 Cefiro as a base model. He fits it with an URAs aerokit, Nismo LSD, KeiOffice coilover suspension, Nardi steering wheel and Sparco racing seat. After a few practice runs this guy gets the hang of drifting but still needs a lot of practice. It's a very entertaining section to watch and gives you a global idea what it takes to build up a simple drift car.

Installing The Sparco Seat!Loose Socks Kobayashi changing his steering wheel

In JDM Option Collector's Edition: Drift Like Nomuken Ken Nomura also takes you to the USA to give you basic beginner training on the Irwindale Speedway, California. Nomura says he refuses to teach ugly people so teaches top model Verena Mei how to drift.

Drift Gal Training Course in USA

Using her drift modified 240SX he laid out some cones to set up a simple training course. He shows you how to do basic drift maneuvers like the donuts, figure 8s, e-brake and clutch kick. These demonstrations should answer all beginner questions.

Basics of drifting: Tail slidingKen Nomura showing you how it's done

The sexy import model Verena Mei

Finally there is also a good 40 minutes special feature showing the first five rounds of Japan's D1GP with Ken Nomura from the 2005 season. All of his runs from Irwindale Speedway to Ebisu circuit. You can witness first-hand why he is one of the best drifters in the world.

Not only will you see all his runs, every run has been captured on on-board camera so you could ride shotgun. Showing every run from two perspectives. It does get kind of boring after a while since there is no commetary or music. Traditional viewers of JDM option might be a bit dissapointed, but true drift fans will want to see every move Nomuken makes.

The famous D1 R34 sedan!

As a true guide for drifting Keiichi Tsuchiya's Drift bible is better and more in depth. Drift Like Nomuken is more entertaining to watch, but you are sure to pick up a lot of hints and tips if you're still learning how to drift. From building a drift car to the special techniques, you shouldn't miss out on this JDM Option Collector's Edition DVD.

On board footage to showing every moveWitness D1GP from the drivers perspective!

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Running time:
# of Disc(s):
DVD Format:
approx. 70 minutes
Region 1 (US & Canada)
Dolby Digital

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