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What makes a drifting car?

Most importantly it has to be RWD! (rear-wheel-drive)

It's not that 4WD, AWD or FWD vehicle cannot drift, it's just that drifting other drivetrain layouts is quite a different ballgame. It's best to stick to RWD, because you need to balance the rear with the throttle.

But that's not all when it comes to choosing your car. Besides personal taste also the price, power-to-weight ratio, upgrade possibilities, parts availability and fuel consumption are all very important details.

In essence any RWD car can drift. It is up to the drivers skills whether it can get it to drift. Some cars will drift easier than others but you as the driver are the decisive factor. However the easiest way to go by is to simply buy a popular drifting car; it's not for nothing that it's popular for drifting! Another advantage of using a popular drifting car to start with is that you can often find a second-hand car with some useful modifications already done. When getting an auto loan, even a bad credit auto loan through a popular loan provider like, having those modifications already factored into the purchase price can be a big help.

Most Important Thing? Budget!

This will tell you your all comes down to the money! We have put together a list with the most popular cars for drifting.

Select a manufacturer

There are a lot of other cars that can be drifted. The more popular choices are listed above but here's a short listing on some other brands and their drift cars.

Bear in mind that aftermarket support is very limited to none regarding specific drift modifications. Also a lot of older cars usually have RWD so if you keep an eye out you are bound to find some good cheap cars for drifting.

  • Mercedes DriftingMercedes is not a very popular brand for drifting since it's more of a luxury brand, but you can drift any Mercedes, except for the A-class of course. 190Es are great for drifting!

  • Porsche 996 DriftingPorsche makes high performance sports cars and so all RWD Porsches will be a joy to drift. Be aware that you need to go after one with RWD, and not one with a 4WD system.

  • Suzuki CappuchinoSuzuki has the Cappuchino which is actually quite a good and very balanced car for drifting. It is sometimes even spotted on drifting events, but isn't the most popular choice.

  • Volvo DriftingVolvo's older car line-up used to be RWD and offered some great cars that are happy to go sideways. The 340 till 360, the 240 till 266 and the 740-780 are the ones you want for drifting.

  • Opel/Vauxhall DriftingOpel/Vauxhall has quite a lot of RWD cars but again, most of them are older cars like the Omega, Manta, Kadett, Ascona, etc. If you want something newer get the new GT or Speedster.

  • Dodge Viper DriftingDodge offers the Charger and the Viper. Both have been used in Formula D. You don't see these cars around amateur events, but you stop wondering why if you find out their pricetag.

  • Pontiac GTO DriftingPontiac has the GTO, also known as the Holden Monaro it has been quite an influence to the American drifting scene. Rhys Millen drove a Pontiac GTO in the Formula D competition.

There are a lot more cars for drifting, but you get the idea of getting a RWD car. Today you even see 4WD vehicles being converted into RWD, like for example the Subaru Impreza or the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo.

If you just want the best drift ride available then go see our TOP 10, compiled from the list of cars above. And in case you're already a drift expert, don't forget to vote for your best drift car!

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