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D1 Drifting Crash

Extreme Imports

Ken Nomura being funny again in this D1 drifting crash video!

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Staying on the topic of drifting crashes, we're going into the professional league of drifting to show you some of the crashes the professionals make.

Drifting is a game of skill, but luck is still needed. The guys above in the video are a wonderful example!

Some of the crashes are just amazing to witness, like the one from Toshiki Yoshioka and Katsuhiro Ueo in the orange and white AE86s. Unbelievable that they didn't hit each other!

Don't let this video discourage you to go drifting. While crashing does happen more often than most other typical motorsports, it's all depending on how high you raise the bar with pushing your limits. This is a compilation of crashes and so it might give you the impression that crashing as bad as these guys is every day stuff.

Then again, it kind of is, but remember that these guys are battling it out on the highest level and really push it all the way to show off.


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