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Civic Drifting

Extreme Imports

Front wheel drive action from a Civic drifting (?)

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A pretty amazing spectacle, but I am not too sure if you should call this drifting. I think sliding would be the best way to define it.

The guy is definitely keeping his front wheel drive Civic sideways but only by pulling the e-brake and locking his rear tires almost all the time.

Of course it’s different from drifting a real wheel drive car, and there isn't a whole lot of smoke. Fun to have seen it once, but I don’t think this will ever become very popular.

Honestly I think a lot of the fun in drifting is taken away when you can’t use the accelerator to increase angle. I guess you could call it a different discipline, but in my opinion front wheel drive cars should stick to grip racing. I wonder what would be harder to drift in, FWD or RWD. What do you think?


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