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Chinese Drift Film

Extreme Imports

Amateur drifting footage in this Chinese drift film!

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No hollywood blockbuster, but a nice attempt of a movie to showcase this Chinese man's drifting abilities. Quite good for an amateur actually. However, this is not really the style one would imagine to bring this lady in distress to the hospital. I think he would've been a lot faster if he hadn't drifted, but of course that is for the special effect!

The 350Z is looking nice though.

My favorite character in this mini-film has to be the police officer. I guess he was pumped up with so much adrenaline from the pursuit that he probably thought he could drift just as well as the 350Z. He almost gets thrown off the bike when he countersteers and the bike's weight shifts.

Enjoy this short mini film from China! Hope to see more drifting mini-films!


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