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Carrera GT Drifting

Extreme Imports

Playful with a Porsche Carrera GT drifting in the mountains!

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This is probably every drifters dream. Drifting in the mountains of the Alps with an exotic sports car like the Porsche Carrera GT that you'll never be able to afford.

The video is in German, so I hope you'll understand some of it, but the Porsche speaks for itself. A normal Porsche for drifting would've already been outrageous, but the Carrera GT is on an even higher level. A monococque shell made from carbon fiber, ceramic brakes, magnesium rims, and the list goes on!

I do feel that the Porsche is a bit out of place on these narrow mountain roads, then again it's very awesome to witness. As you can see the driver in this car isn't pushing the Porsche very hard but with such an expensive car you can't really make any mistakes.

3.9 seconds to 100km/h (60 mph) and another 6 seconds to reach 200 km/h (125mph). With acceleration like this it doesn't take long to reach the top speed of 330km/h (205mph), thanks to the 5.7 liter engine that's outputting a hefty 612hp.

It's not for nothing that this guy only drifts the hairpins in 1st gear! Fortunately for you this means you get to hear 8000 RPMs of Porsche glory. Just hear the roar from the 5.7 liter V10 engine. Simply stunning!


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