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Car Drifting Explained

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The Car Drifting Explained section will shed some light on drifting.
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Here you can learn:

Read along to learn all about the myths of drifting...

Balance & Control!

D1 RX-7 & Skyline Twin DriftingDon’t know what drifting is? You’re not the only one. Most people never even heard about it. Still though, bit-by-bit it’s becoming more and more mainstream every day now.

It doesn’t matter how big of a petrolhead you are, we’ve all seen the car chases on TV where cars overspeed in corners and go sideways.

They lose the back-end and spectacularly manage to speed through the corner with the car completely sideways. (or not)

Remember those car chases on TV? Drifting is just that! The term refers to the car being in a condition of oversteer.

Rather than just simply losing the back end and correcting it to save yourself from crashing, like on TV, it's all about trying to remain in a state of oversteer, sliding the car throughout the whole corner. By taking the most exciting elements from motorsports a complete new type of sport took off!

After the history of drifting of 30+ years or so, it has become tremendously popular across the whole world.

It’s most definitely the most exciting way to express yourself in motorsports, because it demands just so much car control from the driver! Going through a corner sideways just fills you with adrenaline and gives you an incredibly rewarded feeling. Unless you mess up of course!


Car Drifting Explained

What Is Drifting
What is drifting? Learn all about this new form of motorsports, how it works and why it became as popular as it is today.

Japanese Drifting History
The history of drifting and the art of oversteer! Who is the legendary drift king Keiichi Tsuchiya? Read all about the history of drifting here...

Learn How To Drift
All the info you need to learn how to drift here. If you are considering taking your car out drifting then look no further! With the drift information here you will be drifting in no time!

Drifting Through Life!

Drifting can only be mastered over a long period of time, dedication, practice, tires and money. You have to study the physics of racing and drifting techniques to be able to throw the car into oversteer mode.

It’s not something you learn in a day, however the car drifting explained section here, and the rest of this website, contain all the information you'll need to start drifting.

Drifting = FUN!So why would anyone want to drive like this? Well, the answer to that is very simple; Drifting couldn't be more fun and exciting!

Drifting your car is the most exhilarating feeling you'll ever experience, it's just such a thrill! The best combination of man (or woman) and machine!

Of course, don't forget that racers are a competitive breed of people. Everyone has its own reasons and motivation to practice drifting, but usually everyone simply wants to become better at driving and controlling a car.

If you would like to learn how to drift then all you need is a RWD car, a passion for driving, some patience, and a whole lot of and tires.

Want more car drifting explained? For more information about drifting check back regularly and watch this space for more articles covering all assets from the art of oversteer!

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