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Braking Technique

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Braking Technique Introduction

BBS Wheel with Bridgestone Potenza & Brembo Brake

Your braking technique can be the difference between winning and losing. Brakes can be far more effective if you know how to control them; the pedal isn’t just there to slow down.

If operated correctly you can use the brakes to shift the weight to wherever you need it. Again, it takes a lot of practice to get a good feeling for applying the right amount of braking pressure.

It’s important to be aware of the grip level. Different surfaces and different weather conditions such as tarmac, gravel, rain or snow, etc. all provide different grip levels.

Get to know the limits of the surface you're
driving on before trying to brake hard.

The best braking technique is to gradually, but quickly build up braking pressure. If you would simply slam on the brakes, the weight transfer will be too sudden for the front springs to cope with, locking-up the front tires.

You should allow the springs some time to deal with the energy that it is being submitted to when the nose dives forward under braking. The weight should settle and stabilize itself on the front tires. If the springs compress too fast, too much force will be transferred to the front, locking-up your front tires.

Formula Car Locking-Up The Inside Tire

The same rules of smoothness apply to releasing the brakes. You should “feather” off the brakes, allowing some time for the front springs to decompress. Getting off the brakes too fast will release all the energy stored in the front springs in one blow. A smooth braking technique is fundamental!

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