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Braking Technique

Extreme Imports

Heat & Fading Brakes

Massive amounts of energy are released under braking. During braking the kinetic energy from the car is converted into heat. Heat plays an important role in braking. Brakes discs, pads and fluid needs to be at a certain temperature in order to operate at its maximum capabilities. If this temperature drops or rises too much the braking performance will be dramatically reduced.

In racing you are repeatedly braking hard over a short period of time. This produces massive heat that even the best stock brake systems have difficulty to deal with.

Glowing Brake DiscIf you overheat your brakes they will lose their efficiency and braking performance will be heavily reduced. This phenomenon, known as “fading brakes”, requires the driver to take notice and allow the brakes to cool down. In extreme cases the brakes won't work at all.

If you come to a standstill while keeping your foot on the brake pedal, there’s a chance of deforming the brake discs. You should never keep your foot on the brakes when coming to a halt with cooking brakes! You don’t want to warp your expensive discs!

Brakes are important instruments in racing. Inexperienced drivers will be surprised how differently brakes can react and actually do the total opposite of what the driver intended to do. Find a safe spot to get to know your vehicle’s brakes, learn its limits and experiment your way to mastering them. Eventually you’ll be able to shift weight to wherever you need!

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