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BMW Drift Cars

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BMW  Drift Cars

All BMWs are RWD so there are enough BMW drift cars to choose from!


All the latest high-spec models are ready to drift but newer BMWs are very expensive. Considering the chances of having accidents it's not a good idea to take these out unless you're loaded with money or have loads of drifting experience.

If do you have the money you could get a late-model M5 or perhaps even a M6. Cars like that always perform great and won't disappoint you if you're looking for some sideways fun.

Most of us will have to do it with the older models, which are still very good though.

The older 6-series and 7-series are more designed to serve the luxury customer. They can drift, but would it be a smart choice? I’d say no. I have yet to see someone using these cars for drifting.

If you want to get cars like the older 6 & 7 series sideways you have to change the suspension, make the car lighter and possibly add some horses.

BMW Drift Cars

3-series (75-»)

BMW 3-series

If you’re looking for BMW drift cars then look no further than BMW’s 3-series. The 3-series holds a long racing history and has always been a good driving machine. With its perfect FR layout it has also proven itself to be a great drifting machine.

It’s a popular model for drifting here in Europe, but not so much in Japan. Its performance, price and availability make it an easy choice for anyone interested in getting sideways. There are plenty of cheap spare parts or tuning options and with its outstanding chassis it is a great car to learn the basics in.

When it comes to looking for one on the market, choose wisely because there are a lot of heavy 3-series with luxury trim.

Ranging from the old E30 series to the newest E90 series, almost all models and specs are great for drifting. But if you’re on a budget and going after the older models I would try to stay away from the heavy, underpowered engines, simply because the power-to-weight ratio is very important to consider.

Take for example the E30 series. The 2.0 liter engine has more horsepower but weighs heavier than the 1.8 liter engine. As a result the lighter 1.8 liter with less horsepower outperforms the heavier 2.0 liter car.

The E30 series are getting harder to find nowadays and most of them are showing signs of some rust, so you might consider the slightly newer E36 series as well. M3s are always excellent of course, but those are in even shorter supply.

BMW Drift Cars

M5 (86-»)


The 5-series is another great drift car, but it’s definitely not the best. It has a downside: its weight! Nine out of ten times you see a 5-series covered with an M-badge and that’s not for nothing!

If you are going to drift the 5-series you're better off using an M5. If not, there's a good chance you'll find yourself without enough power to drift such a heavy car. You can drift normal 5-series, and they are actually wonderful BMW drift cars, but you need to have sufficient power for such a heavyweight if you are going to take drifting seriously.

The E34, E39 and the E60 M5s are beautiful drift machines but unfortunately they don’t come cheap. Even the old models are still quite expensive. Nevertheless it's worth to pay the price, because it’s an impressive sight to behold when such a big saloon car is drifting!

BMW Drift Cars

Z3, Z4(96-»)


The Z3 and the Z4 are the real BMW drift cars, but they're not as widespread available and a bit more expensive as a late-model 3-series.

This car makes you wonder if it isn’t just build for drifting.

An FR layout and a BMW chassis; If you choose the right powerplant this 2-door roadster car is the ultimate BMW drift car.

Although a bit pricey, the M Coupe is the one you want, but all the others will do just fine. The Z4 is a lot more expensive since it's still quite a new car.

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