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BM Drift Touge

Extreme Imports

The best drifting you’ll ever see: BM Drift Touge!

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Best Motoring shows you how it’s done in this drifting video. They’ll take you to their local touge track, the Gunma CSC (bicycle centre) to unleash some awesome battles in their drifting grand prix.

Yasuyuki Kazama in the 180SX heads up against Yashio Factory's S15 driven by Manabu Orido, to see which car takes the chequered flag. In the next battle Kazama drifts a JZX100 and Orido stays in the S15.

As usual in these battles Initial D rules apply. One uphill and downhill battle, in a leading and trailing position. The driver that falls behind loses.

Keiichi Tsuchiya is driving his own AE86 to act as a camera car. You can see by the speed of Tsuchiya's AE86 how fast these guys are drifting.

The amount of smoke is insane!! Just see how good they drive, in perfect control of the cars. On such narrow roads it takes a lot of skill to drift as good as these guys. Kazama even messes up during the second battle!


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