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Bicycle Drifting

Extreme Imports

Who says only cars drift? See some crazy bicycle drifting!

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What should you do when your license has been suspended for wreckless driving or drifting? Goes to show how popular drifting is over there, Japanese use their bicycles!

While this looks like another insane stunt, I bet this guy has been practising this for quite a while.

It looks awesome and he's actually going pretty fast. The funniest thing is that he's even using a feint movement to increase his momentum

Now all that's left is to include a drift box and measure the drift angle and entry speed. Set up some judges and they might even start a new league like the D1GP. Perhaps they'll call it B1GP!

And even though it looks cool, don't think that DriftingStreet is going to cover drifting on bicycles. We just wanted you to show how diverse this sport could be!


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