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Basics Of Racing

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Learn The Basics Of Racing

This is where everyone in racing starts.
Learn fundamental background information, a must-read for anyone interested in car racing.

Basics of Racing

First of all:

Dangers & Safety

Worry about the safety before getting into the car!

Controlling the riscs starts with a proper safety inspection of your vehicle, required for almost any circuit event. They probably won’t allow you on the track without it. People on the track will inspect your vehicle for any leaking fluids, the security of your battery, seatbelts, etc.

Circuits each have their own rules and policies on safety. If you don’t get proper instructions, be sure to ask about safety procedures. Also it's not a bad idea to install a fire extinguisher for just in case. Always make sure to have made a good estimation of the dangers and take the necassery precautions.

Tetsuya Ota Crashes His F40 In GT Championship, May 1998Racing is a serious sport and serious accidents are no exception.

Motorsports are getting safer nowadays due to rules and technology, but still many great racing drivers died in the event of racing.

Racing drivers such as Aryton Senna, Dale Earnhardt, or Gilles Villeneuve all crashed and suffered fatal accidents, even though they were supreme masters in the art of racing.

You should respect the dangers of racing!

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