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Basics Of Racing

Extreme Imports

Seat Position

Now that the dangers are clear, let’s have some more racing basics: The seat position. Getting it right is vital for proper control!

Recaro Racing Seat

Most people put their seats too far backwards, but that's not a smart move if you want to race. Being closer allows you to use less strength for the same maneuvers. Not doing so will wear you out much faster. Of course don’t get too close!

  • Your back should be straight

  • Your wrist should be on top of the steering wheel when you stretch your arms straight forward

  • Your legs you should be able to completely push down the clutch and still not have your leg fully bend

This might feel a bit awkward in the beginning, but it’s really the best way.

In case you might need it aftermarket racing seats from brands like Recaro or Bride could offer you additional support. They are available in all kinds of types, brands and colors, and for the cheaper cars they are definitely recommended the upgrade. They aren't cheap so unless you got money to spend upgrading it's only necessary if your current seats aren't supportive enough.

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