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Basics Of Racing

Extreme Imports

Good Health

I don’t know what goals you have set for your racing career, but a racing driver always has to be in a good and healthy condition.

F1 Racing Driver

Look at the finest drivers in the world: F1 drivers. They are definitely athletes, both physically and mentally they have to be in top condition! You don’t have to be as fit as a F1 driver, but racing demands a lot from you.


Controlling the car at higher speeds is not a simple task; it’s something that needs anyone’s full attention. Speeds can go up to 90+ meters per second (about 200+ mph or 320+ kmh!) so decisions have to be made in a split-second!

Your level of concentration has to be very high. Focussing so intense wears you out extremely fast. Not to mention the physical part of handling the wheel, pedals and gearstick. Then we also have G-forces to cope with, which also drain your energy and makes concentrating even harder.

You do the math!

High Speed Racing

I guess you don’t have a car that can go 200mph, but nevertheless racing demands a lot from your condition, even in your normal car. For drifting you don’t need to be as fit as an F1 driver, but the same rules still apply. G-forces are high in drifting, so after a good session don’t be surprised to be exhausted!

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